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Based on our sense of responsibility, we believe it is important to create sustainable value in our business activities, for our employees, customers, consumers and in the communities where our fuel terminals and service stations are located.

We give substance to sustainable value creation by focusing on the themes:

These themes are linked to Sustainable Development Goals to make the world a better place by 2030.  These goals have been agreed upon by countries that are members of the United Nations (UN).


In the execution of our business activities, we ensure that the focus is and remains on carrying out activities in a sustainably responsible manner. It is a positive challenge for us to always look for sustainable solutions that also positively influence our socio-economic success and image.

Social impact


We contribute to the sustainable development of residential areas where our service stations are located. We also support social initiatives that have an impact on the Suriname community. Together, we make the future beautiful.

Social Impact


Power, inspiration, energy, flexibility, speed, Performance and Surinamese are the characteristics of our fuels which athletes can easily associate with. Because of this connection we give young talented Surinamese athletes our financial support. This will also help to develop their sports career with the hope that they will be able to achieve top performances both locally and internationally.