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Our story

Our story

Our story is really a fascinating one. We will take you back to the source of our fuels. Bringing the fuel to the market is preceded by a process.

The heavy crude oil is explored and produced in Saramacca by our parent company Staatsolie Maatschappij N.V. Via an underground pipeline, the crude oil is pumped from Saramacca to the refinery in Tout Lui Faut. After refining the crude oil into premium diesel and gasoline, the products are first thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet internationally established product requirements of major car manufacturers, countries and country organizations such as the European Union (EU), among others.

After the fuels have been approved and certified, they are pumped from the Tout Lui Faut refinery via an underground pipeline in the Suriname River, to the GOw2 fuel storage terminal at Beekhuizen. From here, distribution takes place nationwide by means of tankers.

The testing, approval, as well as certification of our fuels are done by Intertek Caleb Brett International Suriname N.V. This is a leading independent international laboratory that conducts product quality tests for many refineries worldwide.