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Premium gasoline and diesel

For the convenience of consumers, we sell our locally produced premium gasoline and diesel at 20 service stations, located in the city and district. We also sell TotalEnergies lubricants which are the best choice in terms of, optimum wear protection, longer engine use and low fuel consumption.

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Fuel Quality

With a minimum octane rating of 95 (RON), our premium gasoline is suitable for all gasoline vehicles such as motorcycle and moped, outboard engines and brush cutters. Our premium diesel is also of good quality and improves engine performance.

Because we believe it is important and demand that you use good quality fuels, they are first tested, approved, and certified by the international laboratory, Intertek Caleb Brett International Suriname N.V, before we market them. In addition, we continuously perform quality checks in our fuel storage tanks and service stations.

Protect and optimize your car with TotalEnergies lubricants

TotalEnergies is a European brand that brings top quality lubricants to the market that offer protection against wear, optimize engine performance, and reduce fuel consumption.

We offer a complete range of lubricants: Quartz range for gasoline engines and Rubia range for diesel vehicles.