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About us

About us

As of December 2015, we are proud to bring locally produced premium quality gasoline and diesel to the Suriname market. These high-quality products are produced in the refinery of our parent company, Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. (State Oil Company Suriname N.V.  (Staatsolie), at Tout Lui Faut in the Wanica district.

The fuels we trade are of excellent quality and meet international quality requirements set by well-known car manufacturers. In order to maintain this status, every product produced and delivered, is carefully tested and analyzed in an independent and internationally recognized laboratory, located in Suriname.

Since December 2013, we have been the official distributor of TotalEnergies lubricants in Suriname. The product range consists of a complete line of lubricants and fluids intended for various types of vehicles, heavy equipment, machinery and vessels.

We are also an importer of jet fuel called Jet A1, with which we supply international and local airlines.

Safety and providing high quality products and services to our customers are top priorities in all our business operations. Our motto is to have satisfied customers!

We aim at exceeding their expectations at all times and we perform our work with enthusiasm and a sense of urgency. Our customer base is very diverse, ranging from individuals to companies active in various sectors. We respond to their needs by providing an unforgettable customer experience, quality products, competitive prices and a comprehensive range of services.